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Commercial Dehumidifiers

Meaco MEA38L 38 Litre Platinum Building Dryer - FREE 2 Year Warranty
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What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Dehumidifiers?

Commercial dehumidifiers bring many benefits to industrial settings, perhaps the most important of which being the removal of the moisture which causes mildew and mould to grow and develop. A dehumidifier unit can effectively eliminate this problem, making the environment a safer and more pleasant place for any employees with asthma or allergies. A commercial dehumidifier can also help to prevent rust forming on appliances and can control the humidity in any environment where items are manufactured, painted, stored or packaged, thus ensuring the smooth running of the business.

Why Use Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers?

Any indoor swimming pool or spa room will require ongoing maintenance. Excess moisture is constantly released into the air whenever the pool water warms up and the bromine or chlorine in the disinfectant then starts to cause mildew and mould around the facility. Swimming pool dehumidifiers can resolve this problem, removing the excess moisture from the air to ensure a healthier and safer swimming environment.

What Is A Building Dryer?

A building dryer is a large capacity dehumidifier that is designed specifically for the purpose of drying out concrete and plaster in a new property or for drying out a room that has been damaged by a flood. With large tanks, these units are extremely powerful and effective, able to extract around 30-50 litres every day.

Why Choose Meaco Commercial Dehumidifiers?

Meaco produces high quality, powerful commercial dehumidifying units that are designed to be energy efficient, quiet to run and suitable for heavy duty industrial applications. With their impressive features like fold-down handles, variable humidistats and plumbing for continuous drainage, a Meaco dehumidifier is the ideal choice for any industrial or commercial premises.