General FAQs

Q. How much do dehumidifiers cost to run?

A. The costs vary depending on the unit and on the mode that you are running the dehumidifier in, but a typical cost would be 4-6p per hour of use.

Q. What size do I need for my home?

A. All the desiccant units are suitable for up to 5 bedroom houses. In the compressor units, the 10L or 12L units are suitable for up to 3 bedroom houses, and the 20L units are recommended for up to 5 bedrooms.

Q. How is a desiccant different to a compressor?

A. The desiccant units will work in temperatures as low as 1 degree whereas compressor units will start to get very inefficient as temperatures fall below 16 degrees.

Q. How long do HEPA filters last?

A. The Meaco 12L and 20L low energy units require HEPA filters, and these will last between 6 and 9 months depending on the conditions the unit is being used in. The DD8L and DD8LJunior have lifelong filters, but you would need to clean these regularly either with a damp cloth or with a vacuum cleaner.

Q. What is the length of the hose that comes with the DD8L and DD8L Junior?

A. The length of the hose is approximately 1.5 metres.

Q. What areas in my house will the dehumidifier affect?

A. The dehumidifier will affect all rooms as long as the doors are open between rooms.

Q. What happens when the tank is full?

A. The unit will stop working and a red light will show on the unit to alert you to the fact that the tank needs emptying.

Q. Why is my dehumidifier not extracting the amount it says on the product description?

A. It is important to note than in more realistic working environments the actual performance of a compressor driven dehumidifier will be much lower than the nominal rated performance under test conditions as, unlike a desiccant dehumidifier, their performance is affected dramatically by changes in temperature until ultimately in temperatures below around 12 degrees centigrade a basic compressor driven unit will essentially stop extracting moisture. For example, in a more real world scenario of 27 degrees centigrade temperature and 60% RH (relative humidity), as opposed to the rated test condition of 30 degrees and 80% RH, a compressor driven unit with a rated capacity of 10 litres per day will in reality tend to only draw 5.6 litres; and a unit rated at 16 litres will draw 8 litres.

Q. What do I do if I have a fault inside the warranty period?

A. The supplied warranty is with Meaco directly, so all inquiries are directed to Meaco directly on 01483 234 900, Meaco will organise a repair or replacement for you. The warranty covers collection of the unit, parts and labour.

MeacoFan FAQs

Q. Why can I hear the motor on the lower fan speeds?

A. The fan is so quiet that you will slightly be able to hear the motor working on the lower fan speeds – this is not a fault. On the higher fan speeds you cannot hear the motor as the noise of the fan blades drowns it out.

Q. Which fan should I purchase for this size room e.g. 4m x 4m x 2m?

A. Fans are not the same as air cons. Fans do not reduce the temperature of a room, they circulate the air within the room to make it feel cooler. We cannot advise a size fan against the size of a room. In general, the MeacoFan 360 is good for a desk or small bedside table; the MeacoFan 650 is suitable for a bedroom and the MeacoFan 1056 is suitable for larger bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens etc (but it is down to personal preference).

Q. My fan is making a clicking noise, what should I do?

A. Run the fan on the highest fan speed for a couple of hours – this will lubricate it and stop the clicking noise.

Q. The display is on but the fan blades are not moving.

A. The fan is in Standby Mode, press the power button again and the fan will start to work.

Q. The remote control is not working.

A. The remote control can only work up to 3m away from the fan and it must be pointing directly at the fans base (or the battery needs to be changed).

Q. Where can I get a spare battery for the remote control?

A. It is a standard battery which can be purchased from any DIY store, local supermarket, Amazon, Timpson’s etc.

Q. Does the base of the fan move? Will it scratch my table?

A. No. The top of the base of the fan moves but the actual base which touches the surface does not move and no marks will be created.

Q. How do I set the ON Timer?

A. The on timer can only be set when the fan is in standby mode (see manual for more info).

Q. The fan speed keeps randomly changing.

A. The fan is in ECO mode.

Q. How do I clean my fan?

A. The front guard on all fans can be removed allowing customers to access the fan blades. A couple of screws must be unscrewed on each fan (the location is noted in each manual along with in depth cleaning instructions). The blades can then be cleaned using a soft dry cloth.

Q. I have measured the noise level of my fan and it is much louder than the noise level you have stated.

A. The MeacoFan’s have been verified by Quiet Mark. When these noise levels are tested, they are tested in special sound chambers in independent laboratories which ensure the product is being tested in an environment where there is 0dB back ground noise. The lab is then able to measure the noise level on each individual fan speed, on all four sides of the fan, they then take an average of those four measurements and repeat this ten times on different fans from the production line. This is called the sound power level, what you are measuring in your domestic environment is called the sound pressure level. The sound pressure level is a different measurement completely and will take into account all background noise and then all other factors e.g. distance from the fan the measurement is taken at and the quality of instrumentation used. Our data is therefore completely different as we are quoting sound power and you are measuring sound pressure.


Q. What exactly do you mean by Free Shipping?

A. Exactly that! All of Meaco product lines attract free shipping to the UK Mainland excluding the Highlands. They’ll be delivered to you by reputable courier and we’ll try very hard to ensure they are dispatched the same day for orders placed before 9pm. The only exception is deliveries to the Scottish Highlands and non-mainland UK (Isle of Wight, Eire, Guernsey & Jersey, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly, Orkney Isles, Scottish Isles and Shetland Isles), which will incur an additional delivery charge of £11.95. Current charges for delivery to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are £7.95. Please contact us on 0800 043 3344 if you’d like us to confirm the most cost-effective method of delivering your items to these locations.

Q. When are orders made on the weekend dispatched?

A. On Monday (it’s our busiest day).

Q. Will I need to sign for my goods?

A. The courier services we use do require a signature. If nobody is at the delivery address to accept the delivery, the courier company leave a “calling card” advising you to get in touch with them to either arrange a second delivery or for you to collect your parcel from them. If a second delivery attempt is also unsuccessful, then a further fee may be payable for any further delivery attempts. You are liable for this fee. After seven days if you have not contacted the couriers to arrange collection or re delivery of the parcel then the parcel will automatically be returned to us here at Meaco Dehumidifiers. In this situation, you will be liable for costs associated with returning the parcel to us, and also for the cost of re-delivery. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for any delays in delivery and accept no liability for costs incurred as a result of delays in delivery.